Shechen incense

Incense is an offering of fragrant perfume, but it is also used to purify a place and create an environmentt condusive to meditation.  Shechen incense is made according to the ancestral Mindroling Tradition of Tibet.  The ingredients are all 100% natural and herbal.  They chiefly comprise wild plants gathered at high altitude in the Himalayas, which have been selected and processed with the utmost care.  The recipe is centuries old, and comes from ancient Buddhist systems of medicine and astrology. 

Part of Tibetan Buddhist ritual involves making external offerings to the Buddhas, the embodiments of the enlightened mind, as inspiration to realising this potential in our own minds, which is also the potential of every sentient being.  Incense is an offering of fragrant perfume to the sense of smell.  The sacred ingredients are also considered to bring blessings and help purify our mind stream and create an inner environment of mental peace conducive to meditation.


Shechen Incense Products

There are three qualities of offering incense available for purchase, as well as an incense used specifically for ‘Sur’ practice (Sur-po) and a special powdered substance called Sang-druk which is used for filling statues and stupas. All proceeds made from the incense workshop goes towards supporting the art school and Shechen Monastery projects.

Red Shechen Insense ~ 25 Rs
This is our most superior quality ceremonial offering incense, with the most condensed precious ingredients.



Blue Shechen Insense ~ 25 Rs
This is Shechen Incense’s most popular ceremonial offering incense, with the same ingredients as the red incense, but less concentration of red sandalwood, and mixed with best quality Juniper.


Riwo Sancho ~ 25 Rs
This is an offering incense made up of 100 different plants, including Juniper.



Shechen Surpo ~ 25 Rs
Surpo is used for offering during a specific Buddhist practice.


Sangdruk ~ (200g and 100g packets) for 200 Nrs and 100 Nrs each
Sangdruk is a powdered substance used when filing statues and stupas. 


It is also possible to order healing incense and tea through our shop, made by the Tibetan doctor’s from Shechen Clinic.  Please see the shop link and order through our email. 

To order incense please contact the school administrator by email on: